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God Wants to Water Your Field (Shevat) (#020)

alignment all in alabama Jan 24, 2023

The Kingdom of God not only has a weekly rhythm (which includes Sabbath, but it also has a monthly rhythm. But the month doesn’t necessarily begin on the “1st.” Each month we start anew with the new moon.

Twelve times a year, the moon goes through a complete cycle, orbiting around the earth. The word month actually comes from the word moon, showing the correlation between this astronomical activity and our way of measuring time.

Job 9:8-9 tells us (MSG):

All by Himself he stretches out the heavens and strides on the waves of the sea. He designed the Big Dipper and Orion, the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri.

The moon and the stars are God’s (and belong to the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of this world), including their placement in the sky and when they become visible to us. The moon— and what we see from our position on earth— shows us where we are in relation to each month. The stars highlight which month we’re in and what we should expect.

The chart below show us the cycle of the moon. Each month begins with a new moon (i.e., invisible moon).

The stars were given to us, according to Genesis 1:14, to “be for signs and seasons.”

⭐️ Signs tell us when to expect something— just like the star that led the magi to Jesus.

⭐️ Seasons is translated from the Hebrew mo’ed, which means “appointment.”

A season isn’t just about the leaves changing or the temperature going up or down a few degrees; a season is a time ordained by God. We’ll learn more about this in a few pages when we discuss God’s annual calendar and the appointments He has set for us to meet with Him in a unique way. 

In the same way that Satan perverts music, sex, and just about everything, he’s perverted a sacred view of the stars. 

In response, many well-intended Christians have distanced themselves from the night sky. As Chuck Pierce writs, “Satan’s plans to pervert the heavens is called astrology. It’s an attempt to discern the future from the stars… to gain revelation without having to see God and hear His voice!”

We shouldn’t shy away from the sky; we should allow it to teach us— and show us— the grandeur of God! The twelve constellations correspond to the twelve tribes. When we look at them in order we actually see the story of Scripture unfolding in the Heavens!

Here are a few highlights from the chart— 



Nissan (top right) = Passover occurs during this month. 

The ram in the sky reminds us of the sacrifice that was provided for Abraham (Genesis 22:13) and of the promised sacrifice of Christ, who was also crucified during Passover (John 19:14f.). 

Nissan is the first month, Tishri is the beginning of the year.



Now, look at Sivan, the month we see Gemini (the twins) in the sky.

In the third month, they arrived at Sinai (see Exodus 19:1). 

Over the next few days, God gave them the Ten Commandments, written on two tablets of stone. 

Thousands of years later, during this time, the Spirit was given at Pentecost (see Acts 2), when the Church gathered to celebrate the giving of the Law.



Av occurs about August, when the lion (Leo) appears in the sky. 

This is the month the Children of Israel were originally intended to enter the Promised Land. 

The Lion of Judah would have roared for them! 

This is a month to mix the promises of God with faith and receive— the Lion still roars (Amos 3:8).



During Tishrei, the scales are present in the sky.

The scales remind us of judgment, which is fitting during this season. The Jews celebrated the Day of Atonement, in which sins were paid for (Leviticus 16:3). 

This season marks the beginning of the year (Nissan is the first month, yet the year begins in Tishri). 

Jews began their year with a “clean slate,” all of the past washed away.



In this talk, Kent &. Beverly talk about Shevat— 

Aquarius is visible in the sky. 

The water carrier reminds us that our roots are being nourished, that life is coming. This month is actually referred to as the "month of trees.” 

We celebrate that the Spring harvest is coming— physically and spiritually. 

This is a time to plan your legacy and your family’s legacy. 


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