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Get the knots out of your line (#017)

alignment video podcast Jan 03, 2023

Knots create “nots.” That is, when we’re not aligned, when we’re “all knotted up,” it creates a position in which the promises of God seem to cease flowing…


In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us to prioritize— that is, to “first”— the Kingdom of God. He says, “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33).

Furthermore, He offers a follow-up promise that if we do this that “all these things will be added to you…”


In this part of His teaching, Jesus points to the grind of life. Everyone seeks food, clothing… the basics. “For after all these things the Gentiles seek…” (Matthew 6:32).

Now, it’s easy to read this passage and think that Jesus is telling us something like— “Yeah. People in the world are anxious about the stuff of this world…” That is, they are worried about—

👉 The things they’ll wear. Whether they’ll look in style or not. Whether it was made in a sweat shop, or whether a fair wage was paid to the workers.

👉 The things they’ll eat. Will there be enough to go around? Will it be gluten free? Is it organic or grass fed or does it have carcinogens or other random things that might hurt you in it?

👉 Everything else in life. Jobs. The kids’ schedule. Traffic. The car.

In other words, it’s easy to read this passage as if Jesus merely compares what He tells us to seek, as opposed to what most seek.

Remarkably, though, it's not just the “object" of that search which He’s suggesting should be different; it's also the manner of “seeking.” You see, the word seek in the passage is two different words (in the Greek language) which we've translated the same in English.

Here’s the difference in the two words Jesus spoke.

✅ We should seek “as a hunger, without labor or toil.”

‼️ The Gentiles seek “with much sweat, toil, stress, anxiety.”

We could rephrase what Jesus tells us to do like this: “First, hunger / desire (without labor or toil) for His Kingdom and His righteousness… and everything else comes your way, too.”

Notice the difference—

The seeking Jesus tells us to do is simply to desire, to trust and act accordingly, and then be prepared to receive— by ordering our lives around the Kingdom.

The seeking the world tells us to do is to strive, strain, and hustle.

In other words, the contrast isn’t just in what we seek, but in how we seek it. We’re told to cease striving and rest in His promises.

Live in that way… and the “knots” become un-knotted, and the “nots” transform into “yes.”



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