A 4-lesson metamorphosis from the inside out

  • Know your true identity + understand your unique gifts

  • Begin moving in alignment with God's will for your life + set yourself under the canopy of His blessings

  • See the difference you make, as an connector to God's power & presence-- everywhere you go 

See the talks
Learn about the 7 gifts

Four Transformation Talks

Follow the links below to walk through the 4-part Transformation Pathway to discover who you are + align with God's principles + live a life now that matters for eternity. 

Talk 1 = Identity
Talk 2 = Alignment
Talk 3 = Empowerment
Talk 4= Assignment

Explore the Redemptive Gifts

In lesson 1 we explore the seven gifts the Father gives each of us. We all have at least one, and understanding it enables you to lean into your strengths + celebrate the unique things about you (and others). Understanding your identity is the beginning of the Transformation journey.

Gift 1 of 7 = Prophecy
Gift 2 of 7 = Service
Gift 3 of 7 = Teaching
Gift 4 of 7 = Exhortation
Gift 5 of 7 = Giving
Gift 6 of 7 = Ruling
Gift 7 of 7 = Mercy