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You were designed by God for a purpose. 

Most followers of Jesus sense it-- they just need path to get from "here to there," as well as simple tools to live their faith amidst the gracious grind of everyday life. 

Transformation is your path to experience supernatural change + become an agent of change right here, right now.

8.5" x 11", 200 pages, available in color or b/w, includes all access to assessments + videos + more

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We pulled together our thoughts, concepts the Lord revealed to us in prayer, and ideas we learned from other followers of Christ— faithful men and women who struggled in their own way with the same questions we had.

Then, we created a notebook and invited a handful of couples to our home. Together, we ate and laughed and prayed. Our goal was simple: 

  • Understand in its purest form what our “commission” as Christians is
  • Discover how to live out that calling in our daily lives (not just on Sundays while we gather in a building)
  • Have fun and enjoy true community with each other in the process 

We believe you can do the same, which is why we’ve made this resource available to you.

The 4-part transformation path is your step-by-step process to not only experience true change, but also "be the change"

Here's how it works.

First, we begin with identity.

Your uniqueness is a gift from God Himself. You matter because of who you are, more so than anything you do.

The impact you make on the world is an overflow of who you are.

You'll discover that the same grace that saves you is the same grace that created you with a specific purpose in mind. And, the same grace empowers you to live your purpose with the Holy Spirit's supernatural empowerment, enabling you to live at a level which far exceeds your human capacity. 

Our free online assessment-- and bonus videos-- will help you understand your purpose even more!

Second, we talk about the top two stressors that hinder people from living their destiny.

Most of the issues we face come down to a lack of one, the other, or even both!

God provides us a path forward, though, to live in such a way that we don't chase either. Rather, when we align ourselves with the Kingdom, both of these resources come to us. 

You'll discover that although there's never enough time and money to do everything, there's always more than enough time and money to do the things God has destined for each of us.

The second step in the transformation pathway is to move into alignment with the Kingdom of God, specifically by leveraging our two most important resources: time and money.

Third, you'll learn about the constant presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

The church isn’t a place; the church is a people. We don’t “go to” church; we “go as” the church.

So, the Holy Spirit isn't confined to the four walls of a building. He's "unleashed" everywhere the People of God go.

As you begin living the values of the Kingdom, you'll discover the biggest difference you make in the world doesn't come from "fitting in" but from begin different. That is, you're different to make a difference.

Moreover, living as a citizen of the Kingdom of God isn't at odds with living as a citizen of earth. We're here-- as the prophet Jeremiah and Jesus both expressed-- to love and serve the place we live, bringing God's presence and power to the people He so much loves.

Fourth, finally, you'll discover how to connect others to the Kingdom of God.

You're a conduit of God's presence and power. 

And, though we can't all reach everyone, we can all touch someone

The church exists wherever the people of God go. As such, we take the message of the Kingdom with us. Our assignment is to bless the people we encounter, leaning deeper into the divine connections.

In part 4 of the workbook you'll discover just why He spent more time at the table than He did the temple, and you'll see how simple it can be to love others using the same model Jesus used.

Once you begin the transformation journey, you'll want to continue...

You'll invite others to walk the path with you as you experience God's presence and power each day, everywhere you go.

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Transformation Resources

  • Full color workbook (b/w option available), 8.5" x 11", 200 pages
  • 4-video course (taught by Kent)
  • Complete audio files
  • Leader bundle available
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