3. Teaching = seeds that grow into life

Redemptive Gift 3 of 7

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Day 3 = seed-bearing plants were created, each seed having unlimited potential to continue multiplying indefinitely. The teacher has the highest authority over the predator spirit. Jesus told a parable of a sower and his seeds— the devil was represented by the birds that came and devoured seed (see Mark 4:4, 15). 


The Principle 

Responsibility. Teachers find it easy to overlook responsibility in some areas, as well as overlooking their personal responsibility to take action. They can become information-heavy instead of implementation-leaning.


The Legitimacy Lie

“I know the truth, and it gives me power. I am legitimate when I have complete and accurate information. I am legitimate— and I right with God— when I know more.” This lie can become a stronghold that morphs into a “religious spirit, even. Recall, in the story of the Good Samaritan, the people who bypassed the wounded traveler in need… were teachers. They were on their way to exercise their religious duties and overlooked the responsibility (Luke 10:25-37). 


The Enemy’s Tactic

Philistine curse (see 1 Samuel 13:17-22). During this time period, the Israelites weren’t allowed to have weapons— just gardening tools. Often, a teacher lacks on key resource— they need to get the job done. But, if they’ll pursue intimacy  rather than just information, God will unlock supernatural strategy to them.


Potential Pitfall 

Selective responsibility. They might take responsibility in some areas, but avoid others— feeling as if they’ve done their part. They can become entitled, as well.


The Cross 

John 19:26-27, “Behold your mother…”

At the Cross, Jesus gave John— a teacher— a specific responsibility of not only transmitting supernatural information to others but also living out the ramifications of God’s principles for himself.  


The Blessings

Daniel. He refused to step into a human-based power-play with others. He continued seeking the Lord intimacy amidst the trial. When a teacher seeks the Lord not only for information but also for intimacy, supernatural strategies flow.


The Tabernacle

The showbread was the third item in the Tabernacle progression (see Exodus 35:23-30, 37:10-16). Through it, God revealed who He is (Jesus is the bread of life, and the Word to be consumed), as well as who His people were (12 loaves represented the 12 tribes).

Frankincense was also available on the same table, which represented worship. This is always our right response— intimacy worship— to the revelation we see of God.  Information and intimacy work together.


The Birthright / Destiny 

Pergammum is the church in Revelation that denotes this gift (Revelation 2:12-17). This church was tested and didn’t renounce their faith. They were told to pursue the deepest truths, which can only be known through intimacy. If they lacked anything, it could be found in the secret place with the Lord— and be  learned intimately not informationally. They were promised hidden manna (i.e., special supernatural food) for their pursuit.


Person to Study

John, Luke 

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