2. Service = brings order by helping, amplifies all other gifts

Redemptive Gift 2 of 7

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Day 2 = God separated the waters, creating a new atmosphere where everything else to come could reach its full potential.


The Principle 

Authority. The servant enjoys helping others reach their full potential by coming beneath them. As such, God entrusts them with great influence— because they don’t crave the attention and power for their own use.


The Legitimacy Lie

“I am legitimate when I build a platform of success under others.”

A servant can develop a “savior mentality” of being valuable only when needed by someone else— if they don’t find their true identity in God. 


The Enemy’s Tactic

Moabite curse (see Judges 3:12-30). The Moabites controlled the trade route at Jericho, prohibiting the Israelites from moving freely for commerces. The Moabite curse, broken when Ehud slaughtered the Moabite king (3:29) causes people in authority to suppress and limit the freedom of those under them. 


Potential Pitfall 

Embracing peace at any cost, as well as not seeing proper boundaries with other people.The Cross 

Luke 23:43, “Today, you will be with Me in paradise.”

The thief had nothing to offer Jesus— yet Jesus saw him as God the Father does. He facilitated the repentant man’s transition forward into the Kingdom of God. Servants do this. They agree with God. And they confirm what they see with the washing of the water of the Word (see also Ephesians 5:26). 


The Blessings

The blessing of Esther. Though she was orphaned when she was young— and then raised by her uncle— she servant behind the scenes, unseen by most, and saved an entire people group. She acted shrewdly— even if initially hesitant. 


The Tabernacle

The second item a worshipper in the Tabernacle met after the brazen alter (the first) was the bronze laver. Water was available to was the priests, as well as cleanse the sacrifice (see Exodus 29:4, 30:17-21, 38:8).

Notice the progress. Worshippers moved from the sacrifice and ultimately to the throne room (the mercy seat). The washing along the way was an essential step. 


The Birthright / Destiny 

The Church at Smyrna (see Revelation 2:8-11). God saw their works, their struggles, and even their poverty that no one else saw. They persisted faithfully.

A servant works behind the scenes— and may God unnoticed (while the people they serve go very noticed). God promises that He always sees— and He gives  these servants the crown of life.


Person to Study

Ananias (who helped Paul after the Damascus Road conversion), Barnabas, Esther, Timothy 

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