6. Ruling = Shows the way, organizes, empowers improvement

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Day 6 = God created man and woman, giving them stewardship over all Creation.


The Principle 

Freedom. The ruler is a leader, an organizer, and an empire builder— and does so for God’s purposes. They must leverage everything they do to facilitate freedom— not control. They must empower people, not restrain them. 


The Legitimacy Lie

“I am legitimate when I am over people and have institutional authority.”

In other words, the ruler— when unhealthy— craves position.


The Enemy’s Tactic

Jotham’s curse (see Judges 9). Jotham rebelled against Abimelech, who had slaughtered 70 of his father’s sons. Jotham escaped and then enticed Israel to overthrow the rebel who had overthrown his father. Abimelech was killed when a woman tossed a millstone over a tower, hitting him in the head.

The curse of Jotham often causes internal uprising and revolt, such that the ruler  cannot move forward.


Potential Pitfall 

Leadership isn’t based on title or position, but is rooted in God’s supernatural providence and empowerment. Unhealthy rulers crave titles and posts rather than comfortably walking out their calling wherever God places them.


The Cross 

John 19:30, “It is finished.”

There is nothing more you must do to earn position— you have freedom and serve at a higher capacity knowing that God manages and holds the future. There’s no burden on you to attain anything. 


The Blessings

Nehemiah organized a group of people to complete a human task (rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem) in record time. The timeline was seemingly impossible.  He stepped forward, even though he faced formidable enemies. In turn, God provided supernatural strategies and an abundance of resources to compete the project.


The Tabernacle

The Ark appears next in the Tabernacle (see Exodus 25:10-16, 37:1-5). The Ark contained three items, particularly relevant to the ruler: 

  1. The 10 commandments, showing God’s precepts and requirements
  2. Manna, showing God’s provision and His resources— even in the wilderness
  3. Aaron’s rod that budded, showing God’s people and relationships  

The ruler leverages all three— precepts, provision, and people— to exercise their gift.


The Birthright / Destiny 

The Church at Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13) is said to have an open door that  no one can close (even if no one else could see it). Others, false leaders, would see what God did through them, and take note. This is true of rulers— and is their destiny, open doors.


Person to Study

Boaz, Joseph, Nehemiah, Solomon

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