7. Mercy = Creates sacred space for rest

Redemptive Gift 7 of 7

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Day 7 = God ordained a day of rest, the Sabbath. Some people have the supernatural ability to turn a place into something sacred— by virtue of their presence. They bring everyone into supernatural rest.  


The Principle 

Fulfillment, that is, “using God’s abilities to do what you’re designed to do.”


The Legitimacy Lie

“I am legitimate when I have earned God’s or other people’s favor through sacrifice.”

This is the opposite of the Sabbath— a day when people completely unplug and simply enjoy God’s presence and one another.


The Enemy’s Tactic

Ammonite curse (Judges 12), which causes people to reject God’s blessings, believing they just exchange something back to God in order to receive them (or because they received then). Jepthah was chosen by God to lead Israel to victory in battle. He promised God— rashly— that he would sacrifice the first thing to come out of his house if he retried victoriously.

After the battle, his daughter was the first to emerge from the home. He kept his vow, offering something to God which He didn’t require. The victory had been freely given. 


Potential Pitfall 

A continual tug of war with God in which we think we just do something to gain His favor. Or, if He does something for us, we assume we owe Him “payback.” This can quickly make our faith extremely transactional.The Cross 

Luke 23:46, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit…”

In effect, Jesus offers Himself completely to God. And, He does this amidst pain. Many times, people with the gift of mercy tend to withdraw from God when facing a struggle— as, again, they (when unhealthy) feel faith is more of an exchange.


The Blessings

John the Apostle. Tradition says he was executed— placed in boiling oil. But, it had no effect. In turn, he was exiled to Patmos. There, he received the vision that became the Book of Revelation. He was also known as the disciple Jesus loved (see John 20:2). That is, he found a place of rest in who he was in relationship to Jesus rather than what he achieved.  We must learn to trust God for the fulfillment of our purpose, as an overflow of the relationship. 


The Tabernacle

The Mercy Seat is the final element of furniture in the Tabernacle (see Exodus 25:17-22, 37:6-9). The most intimate place in the tent, this is the place where God met His people.

Like the seventh day, everything flows from this rest. Furthermore, this is a seat— denoting that people aren’t running around and serving. The work has been done. 


The Birthright / Destiny 

The Church at Laodocea (Revelation 3:14-22) was said to be wretched, poor, naked, and blind… about the things that matter (even though, historically, they were rich and prosperous). They were encouraged not to seek comfort in the  natural, but to rest. To lean into the supernatural. Then, the rest will come. They will be permitted to sit on the throne with Him.


Person to Study

David, Joshua, Ruth, John

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