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Driver “Lyfts” to build schools in Liberia | God wants to use you right where you are | Ebenezer Norman’s story (#034)

assignment friends May 02, 2023

Ebenezer Norman, from Liberia, is a Lyft driver who takes people to and from different locations for a single purpose: to build schools in his home country.

To date, he’s taken 25,000 people en route…

… and, in the process, he’s made a major impact.


It was a long road, but now he’s in Denver…

And, he’s making a major impact.


What do we make of this?

In a sentence, this…

God wants to use you where you are. He has people everywhere, and we have the opportunity to become HIs hands and feet to touch them. At the same time, we can do so for a bigger purpose.

Listen in…


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