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Created for Connection | The Transformation Community (#032)

alignment assignment friends Apr 18, 2023

Every major change in your life, good or bad, was probably more influenced by a WHO than a WHAT, a WHERE, a HOW, or even a WHY.

Think about it. People are the biggest influencer in life.

The greatest resource in the Kingdom of God is people.

They are— we are— the primary means God uses to change the world. And, we're better when we walk it out together. 


Thankfully, we weren't designed to live alone. We were created to walk in healthy relationships.

The New Testament teaches us that we not only become "one" with the Holy Spirit when we give our lives to Christ, but that we also become "one" with each other.That is, we become part of the Body of Christ (see Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4).


In this episode, Kent and Beverly talk about their vision for working together as a community…



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