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Shifting from a “church” mentality to the Kingdom (#016)

all in alabama assignment empowerment Dec 06, 2022

In 2019, the Lord asked us, “Will you present the State of Alabama to me at the Feast of Tabernacles?”

Tabernacles was just one week away…

Kent and the team kicked into high gear, reaching out to apostolic leaders throughout the State, to see if everyone could come together. They did. And something opened, something shifted.

In fact, God told us that He would release 67 angels to go back with the people to the areas they lived. Those angels would begin to work on their behalf.


After this, God asked us to go to each county throughout the State.

“Go to the gates of the city,” God told us.

(We had to figure out what that meant— which we later felt was to go bless the city leaders and officials. Gates, throughout the Bible, are the places where the business and government resides.)


During the midst of this, we learned about the land— and how land is important. We see this throughout the Old Testament, by the way, that people actually DO affect places.

We realized we should dig the dirt from each county, too.


One of the best parts of this journey has been the people… the ones we’ve connected with.

Sometimes, we refer to them as the “triumphant reserve.”

God has people all over, everywhere. In the same way Elijah didn’t realize there were 7,000 more besides him… that is true today.


Where are we now?

We’re shifting from just “salvation” (which we absolutely need) to the gospel of the Kingdom— the space where Jesus reigns over all things.

And, we’re moving from just working with “a church” to working with “the Kingdom,” with all of God’s people…

… the people who know Him, and the people who don’t yet know Him.



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