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The long way still works (so keep moving) (#015)

all in alabama assignment faith Nov 29, 2022

In this episode Kent and Bev take us back to the beginnings of Word Alive and walk through some of the significant milestones from “back then” to where we are today.


Here’s one thing we’ve seen--

God promises to take us to where He’s designed us to be…

We can go there two ways, though.

#1 = We can get there by revelation (that’s the path of intimacy and is easier).

#2 = We can get there by tribulation (that’s the more difficult route, but it still works).



Kent reminds us that, in the beginning, his father offered him the land for a church— where Word Alive now sits.

“I’ve got one piece of land,” he said, “that I was saving for your mom and me for retirement…”

He continued, “Build a building on it that you can use for a church, but don’t make it look like a church— in case it doesn’t work out.”


In this experience, they learned about the prophetic… and how God often speaks to us in unique ways, leading us to walk His plans for us.

The first service at Word Alive was a funeral— Kent’s dad was honored at the first event at the new church…

… and then the worship services began.


Exodus 13:17-18… tells us that when the Children of Israel left Egypt, God INTENTIONALLY took them- here’s the quote- “the long way.” He reasoned that if they went the “short way,” straight through the Philistines country (think: David vs. Goliath), they would have shuddered. They hadn’t seen war, so they would have returned to slavery.

So, He led them straight towards the Red Sea and right into the wilderness (yes, all of THAT- yet, the long way- was EASIER than the short way). And, the long way equipped them for things they didn’t yet possess…

πŸ‘‰ They learned to fight in the wilderness (largely by just “showing up” and letting God do the fight for them = just stand).

πŸ‘‰ They learned about provision in the wilderness…. another one that you can only learn when everything has been pulled from you and you’re left… in the desert.

πŸ‘‰ They learned about God’s presence in the wilderness… where the fire and smoke and miracles occurred. Hard to see those when you’re busy in the grind of brick-making. Yet, there, in the long way… they saw it.

The wilderness revealed the true followers from the ones who had clever language and bumper sticker theology, too. When everything else was stripped away, the long way revealed what was true…

… and with that, they could move forward, better equipped when they found their way to the Promised Land.


Plot it on a map. The trip from Egypt to Israel isn’t that far. Yes, it’s shorter the way they WOULD have gone, but there are things God wanted them to have, to acquire, that couldn’t be gained any other way.

Was everything that happened in the wilderness His design? No. Certainly not.

But, for sure, He led them there…

For their gain.

For their good.

So when they received the blessings He promised them they could sustain them and not squander them, so they could steward them well…


The movement didn’t start as a plan “save a State,” but that’s the plan… and to see God move and transform the entire area.



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