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2. Alignment: re-order my most valuable assets 

Talk 2 of 4 = From the Transformation series

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The second step in my transformation is to move into alignment with the Kingdom of God, specifically by leveraging our two most important resources: time and money.

Using the analogy of a magnet, we note that we can come into alignment with God's plans by simply reordering our time and our money. Everything we need to do everything God has called us to do is already within reach. 

The main points of the workbook lesson are: 

  1. You have everything you need to live the life God designed; the key isn’t to find something “more” but to first set the things you already possess in order.
  2. The power of “firsts” empowers us to align our lives with God’s Kingdom.
  3. Time = acknowledging God in all our ways / days.
  4. Treasure = honoring God with our possessions and the first fruits of our increase.
  5. Where you are isn’t who you are, nor is where you are where you must remain. But where you are is where you must begin


We also outline the principles of sowing and reaping-- noting that everything we have is a seed that can be planted (read: invested) into future harvest. And, when we honor God with the first of everything, the rest is not only blessed, it's also multiplied.

Hare the principles of sowing and reaping. 

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