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The time of your preparation grows to the size of the assignment

Leaders often want to jump straight to their calling, but God first grows our character. And, whereas our gifts come in an instant, our ability to carry those gifts takes a process. God often refines us through trials, betrayals, and wilderness-waitings in order to do something to us so that He can maximize the effectiveness of what He plans to do through us. Moreover, He often sees “more” for us that we envision for ourselves.


The waiting is often the most difficult part of the message, because I only know three ways to grow in love. I’m sure there are many, but I know of three which are really foundational to how God builds character in our lives.

Here's what's interesting: gifts are given, but character is built.

All of the gifts of the Holy Spirit— the anointing, the ability to communicate and encourage or whatever gifts God gives you.. those are all given. They’re gifts.

But character doesn’t “come instantly.” Character is built in a process over time with God.

I like to say it like this: “We live in a microwave society, but we serve a crockpot God.”

We want everything right now. But God has a process for leaders that he takes them through. It's a pattern we see throughout Scripture that God takes time to develop us— especially in the character of love.


Note: though, God does something in the waiting…

And the waiting often grows to the size of your assignment!



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