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Leadership is both an art and a science-- it's part head, part heart / part facts, part feel.


🔥 The Art of Leadership outlines the process it often takes to become a leader— and the intangibles God develops in our hearts to empower us to sustain the call over the long haul.

🔥 The Theology of Leadership empowers you to walk through the principles of developing the leader's head / foundational theology and core beliefs regarding ministry.

Available as two 4-part video courses, audio trainings, and paperback books

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In The Art of Leadership we talk about the process it takes to become a leader— and the intangibles God develops in us to empower us to sustain the call over the long haul.

You’ll learn—

⭐️ How God uses trials, betrayals, and wilderness waitings to develop the character needed to go long-term

⭐️ How to communicate more clearly— including things that should go unsaid

⭐️ How to run towards conflict and pull people in close rather than creating more distance

⭐️ The price leaders pay— and how to rush towards the areas needing the most attention

4 modules teach The Art of Leadership

You'll learn the heart & feel of leadership in four videos, @ 17 minutes each.

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In Theology of Leadership we talk about the principles of apostolic leadership.

You’ll learn—

⭐️ The attitude of leadership = and how apostolic leaders lead from below rather than standing over.

⭐️ The true source of authority = it comes from submission, as you learn to from others and then have the capacity to transform their ceiling into your floor.

⭐️ The spiritual gifts = and how moving ministry towards the gifts God places in us and in the people we walk with empowers us to “out-perform” what we can do in our own strength, effectively enabling us to serve at the capacity of Heaven.

⭐️ Apostolic teams = and how we weren’t designed to carry the load alone, demonstrated when Jesus gave the church the 5-fold model of leadership

Four modules outline The Theology

You'll learn the principles, the head... the facts in 4 x 15-20 minutes videos.

Common Questions

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Your Teacher

Kent Mattox, the founding and senior leader at Word Alive International Outreach, will be your instructor for both The Art of Leadership and The Theology of Leadership. 

Kent & his wife, Bev, have travelled the globe teaching about God's radical grace. O er the past few years they've focused on leading an apostolic movement across the State of Alabama that's poised to become a model across the nation. 

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Part 1, The Art

The first four lessons = character, communication, conflict, & cost

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Part 2, The Theology

The right attitude, the power of submission, apostolic teams

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Parts 1 & 2, plus complete audio files and two bonus companion books

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