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Beginnings with Pastor Benny

Today, we go back to the beginning of our Christian walk and talk about the upcoming book with Pastor Benny Hinn. We met him when he was 34— Kent was only 25.

We decided to develop this book for three reasons:

🔥 Scripture encourages us to “give honor where honor is due” (Romans 13:7). Benny Hinn has not only served the Body of Christ in a profound manner; he personally mentored me in the life of the Spirit.

🔥 I was, as they say “in the room where it happened.” In the same way Luke wrote an orderly account of the things he— as an eyewitness— saw, so also am I (see Luke 1:2). I served with him for over a decade, from the time his crusade and television ministries began.

🔥 I recall specific lessons I learned from Benny which— unless I share them— might not be handed to others. Paul encouraged Timothy to pass “the things he received” to other faithful leaders who might do the same (2 Timothy 2:2).

In this book, you’ll learn to walk in the presence + empowerment of the Holy Spirit! You’ll receive—
⭐️ 7 lessons I learned from my spiritual father and mentor, Benny Hinn. While serving with him for over a decade, he taught me much of what he knows.

⭐️ How I learned to personally apply each of these lessons. The best lessons aren't only "taught," they're "caught." Then we must walk them out on our own. I'll show you how I did it.

⭐️ Steps to take action and implement them in your own life. Here's a hint: even though we saw them on the big stage with Pastor Benny, most of them work even better in the marketplace, in your own, and where you do everyday life.



For more on the upcoming book, go to — where you can reserve your copy today.